Downsize With Us

ALC members receive up to $500 towards their move if you choose to sell or buy through Downsize With Us!


ALC members enjoy 10% off services at Vyta!

Shen Yun

Members receive an exclusive offer on tickets to Shen Yun performance in Toronto, Mississauga, or Hamilton.

The Duke of Cornwall

Enjoy 10% off at your food at The Duke of Cornwall!*

The Duke of York

Enjoy 10% off your food at The Duke of York!*

The Duke of Kent

Enjoy 10% off your food at The Duke of Kent*

Lawyers & Lattes Legal Café

Receive a discounted rate on your will and attorneys with Lawyers and Lattes Legal Café!

Little Canada

Members receive 20% off the ticket price, up to 6 tickets.

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Save 20% on Most Concerts in TSO’s 2022/23 Season!

Seniors Relocation Services

ALC members receive $25.00 off their move. Not only that, if they refer customers to us, they will receive a gift, valued at $25.00 and their friend will receive a $25.00 discount on their move. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!