Traditional Thai Massage

The Gold Standard in Natural Therapeutic Massage Treatment for your Body

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At Traditional Thai Massage 2021, our mission to is help people manage various aches and pains, and to share this important cultural tradition with the people of Canada. We specialize in physical healing without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. We can help you relieve such things as neck, shoulder, joint and back pains.

Arm and leg weakness, stiffness, tight muscles, numbness, headaches along with mobility issues will be treated with “a hands on” approach where patient care will be customized for everyone.

We do care about your physical well-being and are happy to consult with you about it.

Canadians are beginning to discover the many health benefits of traditional Thai massage. Unlike other methods of massage therapy, Thai massage exceeds them in many ways using proven elements of physiotherapy, yoga and pressure point application. Traditional Thai massage is a healing process that dates back over 2,500 years. It is a branch of medicine throughout Thailand and is recognized by UNESCO on its cultural heritage of humanity list.

Close attention and treatment are given to not only various muscles, but to tendons and ligaments, along with blood circulation throughout the body. Many patients/clients, including athletes, have received successful massage treatments for neck, shoulder and back pain.

Hip, shoulder, arm and leg mobility issues along with swollen ankles, migraine headaches, and sciatic conditions can be a problem for many. Traditional Thai massage methods applied to these issues have proven to be successful as well.

When considering treatment options for your various body aches and pain, be sure to seek out a knowledgeable and qualified holistic practitioner that specializes in this type of massage.

About Us

Meet Khwanmata (Khwan), the founder of Traditional Thai Massage 2021 located in Mississauga. Born and raised in Thailand, Khwan is the third generation in her family that has practiced traditional Thai massage. As a registered holistic practitioner, Khwan has received extensive training in natural therapy.

Khwan is a member of the Traditional Thai Association of Ontario, and is a licensed holistic practitioner/massage specialist who received her certification in traditional Thai massage from the Wat Po Temple in Thailand. Wat Po Temple has been teaching the traditional Thai massage techniques for hundreds of years.

Traditional Thai Massage (Full Body)

Traditional Thai massage can be applied lightly for relaxation as well as deeply for therapeutic application. A combination of pressing and stretching promotes the flow of energy throughout the body while helping to maintain health and promote the feeling of well-being. Studies have shown that freedom from chronic pain and stiffness as well as stress release are common results after a Thai massage. 

60 minutes | $85
90 minutes | $115
120 minutes | $140

(HST to be applied to prices)

Foot Massage 

A Thai foot massage applies pressure to specific areas of the soles of the feet. It stimulates certain areas of the feet that will release the imbalance in the energy lines in your body. This will help to restore your balance along with improving the healthy flow of energy throughout the body.

30 minutes | $45
60 minutes | $70

(HST to be applied to prices)


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