Picture a beautiful, modern stand-alone Garden Suite right in your backyard! It’s an idea that’s right for so many active adults who are looking to expand their lives today, and plan for tomorrow.

Adult Lifestyle Communities in partnership with Attimo Homes is now pleased to offer modular prefabricated custom Garden Suites as a stunning and practical addition to any property, delivered and ready for occupancy with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living/dining area with TV. There are even two-bedroom and two storey options.

How would a Garden Suite add to your life?

You can create more living space on your existing property, or provide additional housing for family or friends, your blended family, family members with disabilities, or create additional income by renting. And, for Active Adults who never want to move from their property, it’s a sensible way to plan ahead for single floor living, and your family members can live just a few steps away.

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Simply beautiful, inside and out

These modern, open concept homes are designed to create lots of natural light. We offer welcoming, comfortable designs and stylish practical finishes.  There is something for everyone, we offer a range of designs from contemporary to traditional.



Built to the highest standards

Our contemporary Garden Suites give you the simplicity of turnkey occupancy. These prefabricated homes are built to high performance energy standards to keep operating costs low. All Garden Suites are constructed to comply with Ontario Building Codes and CSA Standards.


Own, lease or nil payment with a CHIP Mortgage

You can own a Garden Suites for as little as $150,000 – $250,000 completely designed and installed, depending on the size of your suite, site plan and servicing requirements, and included optional features. We can offer various financing options for Garden Suites:

  1.     Optional financing or an outright purchase of the Suite.
  2.     Monthly lease based on a minimum five-year lease.
  3.     Use a CHIP mortgage provided by the Home Equity Bank and you only repay the costs of the Garden Suite when your home is eventually sold.


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