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ISSUE 01 | November 2022

July Newsletter V1

Welcome to ALC's very first newsletter. This inaugural issue has a host of exciting content designed especially for you. Inside we have stories of travel, options for care and information on some of our amazing services that are available exclusively to our ALC members.

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ISSUE 03 | November 2022

August Newsletter

Its time to Travel with ALC! Come with us and read all about the Grey Collection in Old Montreal, Take a Hike, or learn why you should retire in Prince Edward County. Anyway you look at it our third issue has lots for you to discover!

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ISSUE 04 | November 2022

September Newsletter

Our 4th issue is action packed, Learn how to tell your story because your memoir matters, discover the amazing history behind the Schlegel Family and travel to Goderich Harbours on the shores of Lake Huron. These are only some of the interesting tales this issue has in store for you.

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