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To further enhance the lifestyle of each member of our community, ALC Experiences is a unique service exclusive to those with a Membership. Sign up for free with ALC Experiences to discover a wide variety of unique opportunities tailored towards active adults seeking to make the most out of their life. Enjoy incredible deals and discounts on luxury vacations and travel, exclusive events with friends and family, and endless experiences as unique as you!

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Life should be easy, and we’re here to make it that way! Whether you’re looking to transfer utilities to your new address, coordinate vehicle transportation, arrange for a cleaning service, or any of a wide variety of services involved with moving or living in your new home our Concierge Services offer a simple solution to lighten your load. Available to all ALC Members, our extensive menu of Concierge Services are available free or for a small fee, designed to save you money long-term with exclusive ALC discounts on services from our partners.

Arrange for junk removal

Arrange handyman services

Coordinate donations to charities, sell or toss your clutter

Full packing and unpacking services

Coordinate pet move accommodations

Professional Staging to help sell your home

Coordinate vehicle transportation

Exclusive savings and offers

Arrange for storage of your belongings offsite

Hire movers or rent a truck

Arrange cleaning services for your former and new home

Update government identification

Arrange carpet cleaning services

Provide a Home Space Designer who will create a custom floor plan for your furniture

Snow removal

Gardening/landscaping services