Garden Suites Questionnaire

Garden Suites Questionnaire
If you are planning for a Garden Suite, would you be interested in:
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Do you own your own home/property?
If you could have a purpose-built Garden Suite on your existing house lot, please indicate which size would be more convenient to suit your needs:
Note, the size of your Garden Suite will be predicated on the square footage of your existing home and any municipal by-laws.
If you have any mobility issues, for your comfort, Garden Suites can also include a number of specially designed safety and support features that help people to continue living independently for a longer period of time. If you believe any of these features would be beneficial to your lifestyle, please let us know which of these items you would enjoy.
(Please select all options below that would apply to you)
For budgeting purposes, pricing starts from $150,000 installed, depending on the size of your Garden Suite and optional features. We can offer financing options for your Garden Suite. Please choose which plan might be most attractive to you.
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