Serefin – Launching your Personal and Private Health Concierge

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Do you need help navigating the complexities of our healthcare system? Do you have questions that your doctor doesn’t have time to answer? Are you tired of waiting to see your doctor? If you don’t have a doctor, Serefin can help,

Now you can have a personal care concierge at your service for only $7.99/month or $90.00/year; this includes virtual access to a trained nurse and continued access to a nurse while you’re on vacation at no additional cost because Care Concierge includes Care Concierge for Travel.

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Adult Lifestyle Communities (ALC) has secured this offer exclusively for our members. To date, this service has only been available to participating employers that offer their employees Care Concierge through their employee group benefits. Your enrolment is activated immediately after registration; you can set up your profile and request an initial discussion with our nurses. We will get to know your medical history, current challenges, and health goals and provide support to help you navigate and empower you in your healthcare journey.

Some of the care coordination services we provide:

  • Appointment debriefs to make sure your care plan is understood and appropriate
  • Find health resources near you, whether at home or abroad
  • Access a qualified care coordinator to answer questions about your health
  • Provide a synopsis of your health history translated for travel to anywhere in the world
  • Equip you with the questions you should be asking your care provider(s)

Available for a Limited Time!

ALC members can gain access to this service at the negotiated rate of $7.99/month (plus HST) for the first year. That’s a 50% savings on a service that will give you significant peace of mind and improve health outcomes.

To learn more and redeem this offer, click on the registration link below. Enter your payment information to register, and press submit. You will receive your personal email invitation to get started.

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Website: alc.serefin.com


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