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What Homebuyers Need to Know About Choosing Modular

May 2023 | By Quality Homes

Discover the Magic of Modular Homebuilding

The most important thing to know about building a modular home is that it’s even more incredible than you can imagine. When you think of a modular home, many people make the mistake of equating it to a mobile home, double-wide, or post-war prefab homes set on a concrete pad. When it comes to Quality Homes, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

an image of a builder working in a house's rafters.Quality Homes builds beautiful, durable, and efficient homes that look, feel, and function the same as a traditional site-built home – and that includes a full foundation with a real basement! But why should you choose modular over a traditional site-built home? Their slogan says it all: “We make it easier, finish it faster, and build it smarter.” Imagine building your dream home from scratch, and instead of not knowing when it will be completed, it’s built above and beyond your every expectation within a guaranteed timeline!

Reliable Timeline, Rain or Shine

By building homes inside a state-of-the-art factory, Quality Homes has streamlined the building process to an impressive degree. We’ve all seen it, after all – materials held up by supply chain delays, unpredictable weather putting off construction, and independent contractors failing to uphold their timeline. 

An image of a house being built by quality home sin a snowy build siteInstead of having to rely on the uncertainty of so many moving parts, building in-factory guarantees reliable labour and materials always available, but also cuts out the worry of weather! Your home will be safe and sound throughout the entire building process, allowing them to build all year round without delays. And due to their experience and robust procedures, Quality Homes even delivers and installs homes in the middle of winter! You can see an install like this on their YouTube channel here!

High Quality, High Efficiency

When a home is built within a factory, there are rigorous standards it must meet. Every new home must follow Ontario Building Codes, but Quality Homes holds itself to a higher standard. Every home is CSA certified (Canadian Standards Association) by a 400-point inspection at every single stage of the building process, going above and beyond to ensure it meets and exceeds every industry standard. 

Not only that, but Quality Homes offers a full 10-year warranty–the longest available industry-wide. This way, you have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to worry about repairs down the road. Your home is safe, sound, and secure, with a tighter fit to prevent drafts and greatly increase energy efficiency.

The Quality You Deserve, Guaranteed

An image of quality homes kitchenWhen you’re investing in something as important as your forever home, you can’t rely on empty promises. Alongside their extended 10-year structural warranty, Quality Homes’ Homebuyers Ultimate Guarantee (or HUG™ program) is a rock-solid commitment to the timeline, cost, and quality of your home. On time, or they pay you $250 for each day it’s delayed. You pay what you were quoted, with zero hidden fees. And the building process says it all – a home built to superior standards. With such a high degree of transparency and dedication, buying a Quality Home is all about comfort, care, and quality. 

“A factory-built home did in fact eliminate a number of potentially serious problems related to working with other builders – cost overruns, construction delays, bad weather causing poor quality workmanship – to name a few. Your knowledge of the industry is outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend Quality Homes.”

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Style Never Stops

An image of a quality home houseThe modular home designs by Quality Homes have always far surpassed the expectations set by prefab homebuilding, with bold architecture and flexible layouts. But over 35 years, innovation has been a driving force not only in their homebuilding process, but also in their home designs. Each one was created to accommodate the lifestyles of modern homeowners, whether that’s capturing the lakeside views in a charming cottage or offering the comfort and elegance of a cozy bungalow. And as the needs and wants of homeowners change, so do Quality’s designs. In 2023, they released an amazing new collection of homes to better meet the needs and expectations of architecture, interior design, and layout. But the true beauty of building a modular home with Quality Homes is the versatility. All of these beautiful designs are just a starting point. Are you looking for an extra bedroom for the grandkids to come and visit? Maybe a ramp out front instead of steps up to your front porch? How about an extra large picture window to welcome the natural light? Just talk to one of Quality’s Design Consultants and they can transform your new home into one that will perfectly meet all of your needs, dreams, and expectations. Now imagine all that, ready to move in just a few short months. That’s the Quality Homes Difference.

An image of Carol and Brian in their new home“The best part was that we could break down the modifications and the alterations, and she priced each individual item out for us, so that we could select what we wanted to change.” 

Carol & Brian

See how your story can start by following Carol & Brian’s Road to Retirement, and watch their journey with Quality Homes!