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The Ubiquitous Community: How to Discover it On and Offline

Nov 2023 | By Dorothea Helms

Recently, when Opimian Wine Club became a benefit partner of AdultLifestyleCommunities.com and described the club as a “community” of 8,000 wine-lovers across Canada, we took a fresh look at the name of our digital community. One definition of “community” is a group of people living in the same spot. Indeed, older Ontarians looking to purchase a residence have numerous home collections labelled “adult lifestyle” to choose from. Certainly, the appeal of a geographical adult lifestyle community is the fact that it brings together seniors, retirees, and empty nesters from all walks of life. Of course, on this website, you will find information on neighbourhoods aimed at that demographic. AdultLifestyleCommunities.com, however, offers much more than information on where to live. In fact, it represents the word “community” in many of its iterations.

For example, another definition is a group of people having something in common. You may identify with a community of pet-owners, booklovers, avid cooks, woodworkers, car enthusiasts, travelers, science or history buffs, etc. Are you a fan of the arts? Perhaps you fit into a community of sculptors, painters, photographers, actors, musicians, or the like. Are sports your passion? You may want to read about skiing, racquetball, pickleball, basketball, football, baseball, tennis, badminton, horseback riding – you get the active picture. Do you find yourself dating at this time of life and wonder how to navigate that world? Do you wonder how to decorate your new digs to make the most use of space? Are you active in the green movement? Over the coming months, we will bring you articles and information to feed your individual passions.

An image of two older ladies having a cup of coffee at a restaurant booth.Looking at the bigger picture, a community can mean a country within which there are countless other communities based on location, interests, and needs. In Canada, we have community health services, non-profit community organizations, service clubs… the list goes on. We hear about the academic community, ethnic community, scientific community, etc. Communities can be social, political, active, religious, hobby-oriented – just about anything based on topics of interest or characteristics shared by groups. The concept of “community” brings with it a sense of togetherness and belonging, a real sense of identity that is positive in nature. And don’t we all need more positivity nowadays?

By registering on this website, which is an online resource for topics of interest to older viewers, you will discover benefits and perks in the following categories: dining and entertainment; health and wellness; home and décor; travel, hotels, and vacations; as well as specialty gifts, discounts, and services. In 2024, in addition to information on geographical adult lifestyle communities, we will explore the many ways members enrich our online community and the other groups they identify with.

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Dorothea Helms is an award-winning freelance writer based in Sunderland, Ontario, and is delighted to become part of the Adult Lifestyle Team. She considers her bulldog one of her children, so look for pet articles in the future!