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Improve your sleep and relieve pain with Ultramatic’s specialized collection of pressure-relieving pillows, soft bed sheets, helpful bathroom mobility aids, and soothing pain relief products.


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About Ultramatic

Improve your sleep. Elevate your life!

Ultramatic is Canada’s leader in Living-in-Place home furnishings, allowing older adults to live longer, healthier and happier in their homes.

Ultramatic’s roots shoot from their iconic Adjustable Beds and Mattresses. With over 200,000 adjustable beds sold since our beginning, Ultramatic has been improving the sleep of Canadians for decades.

A good night’s sleep can impact your physical and mental wellness: improving your health, mood, memory, and energy. Our customers have discovered that Ultramatic sleep systems not only let you sleep better, but also allow you to live a fuller life.

With more than 1001 positions, our beds and chairs adjust to you – your every shape and your every mood. So go ahead and pick the perfect position for reading, watching TV, surfing on your tablet, working or sleeping.

In addition to our trademarked adjustable beds, Ultramatic carries Power Lift Recliners, Walk-in Bathtubs and Powered Wall Beds – all made in Canada to the highest quality levels.

For over 40 years, Ultramatic has built an unrivalled depth of trust and connection, helping Canadians take control of their sleep, health and lives. Elevate your life with Ultramatic.

To learn more about living-in-place furnishings or improving your sleep quality, contact the friendly sleep experts at Ultramatic.

Receive a free consultation: Call 1-800-455-6421, email info@ultramaticsleep.com, or visit one of their unique showrooms in Toronto / Mississauga / Oakville.

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