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About Travel For All

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Email: tarita@travel-for-all.com

Here at Travel For All, we want to build a nurturing, long term relationship with our clients. We offer a highly personalized concierge service with an expertise in world travel, for all levels of ability. We believe that everyone should travel, regardless of their abilities: completely able bodied, slow walkers, hearing or visually impaired, mobility challenged, complex Health Issues i.e., CO2, Health Concerns i.e. Cancer Survivors, Diabetes (Menu creations), Neurological (Parkinsons, ALS. MS etc.)

We have 25+ years within the Travel Industry and we will work hard at ensuring that you always have ‘Travel Perks’- shipboard credits for your cruise, resort credits to treat yourself to some pampering at the Spa, or to indulge in Wine Tastings, all with the best pricing value for your vacation! We work on your behalf to correct any issues with the Travel Supplier.

If you are always the ‘Life of the Party’, we would love to work with you in creating group vacations where your ‘land stay’ is complimentary to your life.
We offer peace of mind, professional, unbiased recommendations, and customized, tailored itineraries. Our advisors have your back, no matter how near or far you wish to roam. We provide seamless and stress-free experiences, with the maximum value for your travel budget. Decrease the travel-related hassles and anxiety, by working with experts and over 25 years of industry experience.

We anticipate hurdles and simplify the entire trip planning process. Should you experience any difficulties during your travels, our responsive agents will be available to manage critical situations and solve problems, ensuring you do not have to waste your precious vacation worrying. That is our commitment to you! You spent all those years trading your time for money – let us trade back that money for time, and precious memories that truly are priceless

We would love you to hear recommendations from our clients:

“I have Multiple Sclerosis, I recently travelled from Australia to Canada with my husband. I am dependent on a motorized wheelchair for mobility. Tarita assisted me in the planning of my travel and was available to me the whole time I was travelling. There were many challenges along the way, and we would not have had such a successful, enjoyable holiday without the hard work and dedication of Travel for All.”

“Highly recommended. My husband and I have had the immense pleasure and good fortune to have worked with Tarita when planning our family vacations. Not only is Tarita personable and innovative – but she also consistently provides top quality service – EVERY SINGLE TIME. There has not been one instance, in all of the years of working with Tarita, that we have not experienced great results and a consistently high level of customer service. We recommend Tarita without hesitation.”

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