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About CARP

Visit Website: www.carp.ca
Phone: 1-833-211-2277
Email: support@carp.ca

Here’s a way for you to…

  • Be part of an organization advocating for the rights and interests of Canadians as we age
  • Save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year on everything from travel to health to leisure to everyday purchases
  • Meet like-minded people in your community

…all in one place, at the same time, and for FREE.

We’re talking about CARP, Canada’s largest and most influential national organization serving seniors. With over 325,000 members, CARP has long been a powerful voice for policies and programs to better serve our age group.

At the same time, CARP has assembled a unique portfolio of “members-only” discounts and added value offers from leading brands – close to 100 separate savings which can easily put thousands of dollars into your pocket in a year…MONEY YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAD.

It’s a powerful combination, and well worth the $19.95 annual membership fee.

But you don’t pay $19.95.

If you register, at no cost or obligation to Adult Lifestyle Communities, you’re  eligible for a FREE ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP to CARP. Only for a limited time.

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  3. Click on the CARP link inside the email – you will be taken to our own ALC CARP page
  4. Enter in all of your information into the required fields
  5. Enter you subscription preferences
  6. Click on place order
  7. You have now registered and CARP will send you your digital CARP card by email within 8 to 10 days

You can learn more about CARP and its many activities and benefits at their website, carp.ca.

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