Welcome to Lifestyles Newsletter - Issue 012, May 2023

Just like how spring showers bring May flowers, this month brings a bounty of new opportunities for our members! From a sneak peek at a new Garden Suite program, an organized Wine tasting for members, and three new services featured in our Partner Spotlight, we hope this month's edition helps make the most out of your May.

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What Homebuyers Need to Know
About Choosing Modular

By Quality Homes

The most important thing to know about building a modular home is that it's even more incredible than you can imagine. When you think of a modular home, many people make the mistake of equating it to a mobile home, double-wide, or postwar prefab homes set on a concrete pad. When it comes to Quality Homes, that couldn't be further from the truth.

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6 Ways to Stay Connected to your
Adult Children

By Anne Bokma

Award-winning journalist, author, writing coach, and dating coach/founder at annebokma.com

One of the most difficult transitions for parents is accepting the fact that their grown children just don't need them the way they used to—and they may not be in contact as much as parents would like. Parents may long for the days when they were the ones their children looked up to, when parental approval mattered more than anyone else's and when they had the final say about what their children would or would not do. Once your children leave home, all this changes. Wise parents learn how to graciously accept this.

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How to Eat and Exercise for a
Healthy Heart

By Avery Mackin

The heart is an important muscle at the centre of not just our bodies, but our lives. We quite literally can't live without it. Even though it is one of our most vital organs, we rarely give it the attention it deserves. Here is a bit of information on how you can keep your ticker in working order so it says strong and healthy for years to come.

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Retire in style in your dream home - Custom Homes and Cottages - Learn More
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Partner Spotlight

Deep Das Mortgage

Looking to refinance or have questions on your existing Mortgage? Ask Deep Das! He has guided countless customers in their mortgage and financing needs - be it to buy their residential or rental property, refinance their existing mortgage, or finance their Commercial Real Estate property, which helps to grow their real estate portfolio.
Contact an expert today!

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Ask the Experts - Deep Das Mortgage
Vyta 10% off!


Vyta makes aging at home easier for clients and their families by providing a dedicated Expert to guide them through the aging journey, allowing for a single point of contact and only one bill to manage. They coordinate and deliver a range of services to keep Canadian seniors happy, healthy and safe at home, organising services like lawn care, snow removal, deep cleaning, transportation, and more. ALC Members enjoy 10% off services at Vyta!

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First Class Home Care

A leader in non-medical in-home health care for seniors since 2009, committed to providing Personal Care Managers who are trained to respond to each unique situation. They are professionals who truly care and are specially chosen to meet the needs of their clients in a sensitive and compassionate manner.
Contact an expert today!

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North West River: Steeped in
Canada's Pioneer History

By Pat Brennan

The most northern road in Labrador comes to an abrupt end at the west bank of the North West River. However, the town of “North West River” and its vital amenities - sits on the east bank of the wide river. What to do? From its founding in 1743 as a fur trading post until 1961, the outside world connected to the town via boat or by snowmobile or dog team in winter. In 1961 the province of Newfoundland and Labrador brought new life to North West River by stringing a cable car across the river.

North West River - Read More
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Extend the Seasons with Totally
Livable Outdoor Spaces

By Catherine Daley

It's that time of year, when the odd double-digit day teases us with a warming sense of spring and summer, and we yearn to be outside. After months of being stuck inside, and relying on streamed television programs for entertainment, you can finally spread your wings and plan for social occasions in the comfort of your own extended living space. Step outside, and then step aside from your out-dated vision of what your yard currently looks like, and imagine what it might become.

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Everything to Know About
Inheritance Laws in Ontario

By Clear Estate

Thinking about the passing of a loved one is never a pleasant thing, but being informed about what lies ahead will make navigating the difficult process much easier once the time comes. Being informed includes knowing what Ontario's inheritance laws are so that you're equipped with the knowledge you need to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Inheritance Laws - Read More
Residence Opening Summer 2023 - Don Mills - Book a tour or call 647-660-1068
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News & Events

Coming Soon! Garden Suites by Attimo Homes

Picture a beautiful, modern stand-alone Garden suite right in your backyard! It's an idea that's right for so many active adults who are looking to expand their life today, and plan for tomorrow. ALC in partnership with Attimo Homes will soon be offering modular, prefabricated custom Gardens Suites as a stunning and practical addition to any property. Look forward to more details in our upcoming newsletters!

ALC Garden Suites
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Wine Tasting at the Baton Rouge

Calling all wine lovers! You're Invited! Enjoy the finest wines from Henry of Pelham, accompanied by 4 courses of delicious appetizers. Tickets are on sale for $65.00 per person or $120.00 per couple. Extend your experience and join Penelope, our sommelier, for dinner, continue conversations and learn more about the Henry of Pelham wines. Dinner is at your expense, with Baton Rouge providing a complimentary decadent dessert.

Please RSVP to Rose Bilak @ 416-889-7673 or rose.bilak@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Time: Sunday, June 11th, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Baton Rouge Grillhouse & Bar, 2005 Winston Park Drive, Oakville, Ont.

Baton Rouge Wine Tasting - Learn More
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