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Living Abundantly: Tuning Into Positivity, Prosperity, and Possibilities

Jun 2023 | By Jane Enright

“Abundance is not something we acquire; it is something we tune into.”

Dr. Wayne Dwyer

Are you striving to live a life of abundance? If you are, you are not alone. The quest for happiness and abundance is a hot topic now-especially with spring here. We think of blossoming opportunities, and living on the bright side. Many people in the world of well-being talk about “raising your vibration”, and “tuning into abundance.” So, what does it really mean to live “an abundant life?” 

An image of a woman meditatingThe official definition of abundance is to have more than we need—and often when people think of abundance, they think of money—however, abundance is not just about material possessions. While it is true that being financially secure can help us have a more comfortable life with more choice, abundance in its purest form, it is your inner sense of gratification and fulfillment. Life translation: it means living a life you are happy and content with—filled with prosperity and the satisfaction of having everything that you need and want to be fulfilled. 

When you believe that what you seek will eventually find you, and are a positive thinker, you shift your mindset to one of gratitude and abundance from one of scarcity. This enables us to celebrate our own success, as well as others, and make choices that allow our life to become more abundant and ultimately more fulfilled as a result.

Super Awesome Habits To Create An Abundant Mindset

Accept That Challenges Can Bring Opportunities for Growth: Every person has a story to tell. Each one of us has gone through challenges in our lifetime. Adopting an attitude that adversity brings growth with new opportunities helps us embrace an attitude of learning and creating fresh starts from adverse experiences.

Set Your Visions for Success: In my May 2023 ALC newsletter article “The Past Is Just A Chapter, Not The Whole Book,” we discussed vision boards with pictures as an effective way to help us to see and believe what is possible and focus our minds on what we want to live, and create. This strategy also helps us link our emotions and associate the feeling of abundancy to that which we want to create in our life and realize.

Good Words = Good Vibes: You have probably heard the expression “I’m sending you good vibes.” 

Just like Louise Hay, Dr. Emasaru Emoto helped us discover the power of words —that every thought and word have a vibration associated with it. The result is a relationship between good words creating good vibrations, and negative words the opposite—resulting in the power to bring things into our existence using positive language.  

an image of a woman smiling and using a computerRepeating positive affirmations is a strategy we can use to verbalize and bring goodness into reality.  For example, statements such as: “I am successful” inspires confidence, “I am prosperous” creates opportunities to explore, “I am choosing happiness” gives us permission to feel good and overcome obstacles, and “My Gratitude is Limitless” opens our minds and hearts to the idea that we have so many things to appreciate and be thankful for in life, and that life  is truly abundant.

Choosing positive language to describe our thoughts, feelings and emotions can also help us better manage stress and respond, rather than react to situations —in turn, this supports us to balance our mental and emotional health, supporting us to ride the waves of change, rather than crash into them. For example, positive self-talk such as :

“My thoughts are my friends and help me make good choices”, or

“Today is the first day of my future—I am excited to meet the rest of my day“

 “I am being kind and gentle with myself” 

“I am welcoming more harmony and joy into my life”

These are simple ways to allow in the opportunity to think more optimistically in an uplifting way with our minds and manage stressful situations.

An image of a woman making potteryUse Your Time Wisely: Being involved with activities you enjoy such as volunteering, a hobby, spending time with others who nurture and love you, and being a member of a positive community fosters a sense of belonging and wellbeing. This helps us develop a support system that we can turn to when we need reassurance and gives us encouragement to get through the unexpected. Moreover, sharing our experiences with people who care about us encourages positive thinking and a happy, fulfilling lifestyle.

Nurture Your Creativity: Taking time out to be playful and enjoy activities that we enjoyed as children, and bring us happiness cultivates joy. Spending equal amounts of time nourishing our soul and life’s passions with work, rest, and play, supports us to enjoy a balanced life spent meaningfully.

an image of a positive woman in the sunCelebrate What’s Good: Set aside time in your day to acknowledge and what you have, and what you are grateful for.  Affirmations such as “ I am choosing to celebrate what’s good today, I am welcoming more laughter into my life, I am creating happiness, as well as finding it, I am thankful for all the good in my life,” reframes our thinking, gets our minds moving, and our hearts feeling in the right direction with a more optimistic, abundant, grateful attitude. When we focus on the good, good things happen. Celebrating your successes helps you keep motivated, contented, and fulfilled. Necessary ingredients to understand, tune into, and welcome the joy of abundance into your life. 

Wishing you an abundant, joyful June…and stay super awesome!

Warmly & with gratitude,



Jane Enright is an ordinary person who has survived some extraordinary things. An inspiring and humorous  award-winning Canadian author, speaker, and wellness expert, Jane is a former kindergarten teacher, university lecturer, and the CEO of Everything at My Super Awesome Life Inc. She is the winner of the 2022 Canadian Book Club Award for Best Book, Spiritual, Health & Wellness, and the 2022 Silver Medal from Living Now Evergreen Book Awards, to commemorate world-changing books published in this new millennium for her compelling, riveting memoir entitled Butter Side Up: How I Survived My Most Terrible Year & Created My Super Awesome Life. Butter Side Up is also a 2023 Bedside Reading Best Beach Book. Jane is also the author of the acclaimed wellness playbook Jane’s Jam: Inspiration To Create Your Super Awesome Life.

Jane is helping audiences worldwide land “butter side up” find joy, successfully manage change, and create new beginnings and fresh starts after the unexpected. You can connect with Jane on LinkedIn, Goodreads, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. For more information and to get in touch visit janeenrightauthor.com.