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It’s Never Too Late to Meet Someone Great!

Feb 2024 | By Anne Bokma and Amit Karia

The month of February and Valentine’s Day are seemingly inextricably intertwined, and some of us may be forgiven for thinking that too much fuss is made around the day.  If you are a single woman over 50 who enjoys the experience of a close relationship, and are interested in meeting someone special, Feb. 14 can be an unwelcome reminder of your single status.

We get it. We’ve been there.

Learning to navigate the world of virtual romance allows you to discover the meaningful connections that can lead to lasting companionship and increased happiness.

We’re here to help.

Studies show almost one-third of people over 50 report feeling lonely. A lot of women would love to meet a great guy (or gal) but have no idea how to master online dating, especially if they are divorced, separated, or widowed and haven’t had a date in decades. A lot of our clients fall into that category.

Understandably, they are anxious about online dating. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of stories about swindlers and scammers out there. Despite all the negative news about online dating, we like to focus on the positive: how 40% of people are in partnerships that began online, and 25% of people in their 50s are using dating apps. We hear about older folks all the time who have met online – among our clients and friends, in the media and, of course, that’s how we met (thank you, Tinder).

Some of the most valuable tips we share with our clients for online dating success are:

1. Have a great profile: This is number one for a reason. A compelling bio that reflects your personality, interests and aspirations is likely to attract like-minded individuals. Great photos are key. We cover all the things you need to know about having a great bio in our online dating workshop, How to Get Great Dates (next workshops start on Wednesday, March 20 and Wednesday, May 29 from 5-7:30 p.m. EST).

2. Persevere: You may not meet the right person right away and will have to go on a number of dates. The more you stick with it and have a specific plan, the more it will pay off.

3. Be Discerning: Don’t worry if you have to swipe left on dozens of people to select the one that seems to be aligned with what you are looking for. Don’t lower your standards.

4. Get Used to the Apps: Take the time to familiarize yourself with your chosen dating app, seek help if needed (we can assist), and approach the experience with an open mind. The apps are designed to be user-friendly for people of all ages.

5. Have Realistic Expectations: Be careful about looking for instant chemistry or a fairy tale romance. Recognize that building connections takes time. Being patient and enjoying the process rather than focusing on an ideal outcome can lead to more satisfying relationships.

6. Learn the Skills you Need to Stay Safe: Once you learn a few basic safety measures (never correspond with someone who lives more than an hour away from you, for instance, and be wary of anyone who isn’t willing to meet in person), you’ll feel more confident about the whole online dating experience.

Our online workshops offer the opportunity to explore the world of online dating and gain confidence about your chances of meeting someone great online.

In a world of negative news about online dating, we like to focus on the positive. Check out our new podcast that features success stories about couples who have met online and our blog, which features helpful online dating tips.

Anne Bokma and Amit Karia are Canada’s only male-female online dating coaches for women over 50. Check out their website at chaptertwodating.com.