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How to Avoid the Biggest Nutritional Mistakes Women Make

Jan 2023 | By Annie Gaudreault

Avoid These Big Diet Mistakes to Thrive

Not one week goes by without some new and contradictory information about what we should and should not be eating. No wonder women are so confused about their nutrition!

Here are some of the biggest nutritional mistakes I see women making, along with some quick and easy fixes:

1. You Don’t Get Enough Protein

As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass. Protein supports muscle function both from a growth and maintenance standpoint. It is also key for proper digestion, and oh-so-important for your energy production.

Proteins take a while to digest, so you also feel full longer. Ensure you are having 20 to 25 grams at each meal. Go ahead and embrace protein!

2. You Avoid Fats

Fats won’t make you fat. Blame the 80’s poor interpretation of science, but fats are essential to your diet and have many critical functions:

  • They convert to energy.
  • They are essential to hormone production.
  • They are a huge brain component, including the essential fatty acids, Omega 3s. To keep your brain healthy, your diet must include these good fats.
  • They metabolize key vitamins such as A, D, E and K. No fat = no absorption. Hint: Always take your vitamins with food and plenty of fluid.

3. You Don’t Eat the Right Fats

Again, fats! They are not created equal. Many cause massive inflammation, including gut distress and cardio vascular damage. Avoid vegetable oils such as sunflower, safflower, peanut, canola, and corn-based oils.

Like most people in North America, you are also probably low in Omega 3s. We cannot stress enough how this is critical to long term brain health. Load up on cold water fish, flax (ground) and chia seeds, walnuts as well as extra virgin olive oil.

Download this free Fats Guide from my website for the skinny on fats: what fat to eat and when.

4. You Eat and Crash

In order to minimize the blood sugar high and unavoidable low, ensure that all your meals are a combination of protein, good fats, and carbs. For example, a quinoa salad with BBQ chicken and delicious veggies drizzled with an olive oil dressing would provide consistent energy for hours with no crash.

5. You Don’t Eat Enough Fiber

Most Canadians are low in fiber. You may have been avoiding whole grains, but there is tons of fiber to be consumed by eating loads of vegetables, raw and cooked, as well as legumes and seeds.

Remember the detox craze? Well fiber is a natural “detoxing” agent; while feeding your colon good bacteria and ensuring that the digestive tract flows and you eliminate every day.


Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling your best on a daily basis!

As a holistic nutritionist, women’s health coach and founder of VEEV Health & Wellness, Annie Gaudreault helps women age with vitality and strength, guiding them through choices to design their healthiest and most empowered life. You can learn more about Annie and connect further with her by visiting her website at Veev Health and Wellness.