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The CBD Solution – Combatting Chronic Pain with Cannabinoids

Jul 2022 | By Vivienne Singer

Are you suffering from some type of chronic pain? If so, you’re not alone.

Apparently 25% of Canadians 50 years of age and over are suffering right alongside with you, and for many, it is seriously impacting quality of life.

While you may consider a certain amount of pain to be inevitable as you age, it’s important not to assume your pain is unavoidable just because nothing you’ve tried so far has worked. The medical landscape is constantly evolving, and clinical research is always uncovering new findings – some of which may very well present the solution you’ve been waiting for

Take CBD and THC, for example. These two common cannabinoids found in cannabis are now proving to be effective pain inhibitors, particularly for those suffering from pain due to inflammation, injuries to underlying tissues, and neuropathic pain caused by nerve irritation or damage.

Because these cannabinoids aren’t considered habit-forming, they present a safer alternative than opioids. They have also been used successfully in combination with opioids, dramatically reducing the dosage of opioids required in order to relieve pain.

There are two ways CBD and THC are typically taken: orally and topically. Keep in mind that not all CBD and THC products are created equal, so it’s important to do your homework before you buy.

The efficacy of oral CBD and THC has everything to do with how well they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Some cannabinoid producers (like Opticann, for instance) use unique pharmaceutical technology to substantially increase absorption, leading to far greater efficacy. The same applies to topical pain management solutions. For optimal results, you’ll want a product that is absorbed into the tissue below the skin as quickly and effectively as possible.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain and open to trying cannabinoids but aren’t sure where to begin, speak to your doctor or pharmacist. If you know of someone who has tried every conventional pain relief solution yet continues to suffer from chronic pain, do them and share this article. It never hurts to enquire.