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Collingwood is Calling – Why Retirees Flock to Georgian Bay

Jan 2023 | By Miles Cruise

Renowned for its status as a four-season recreational hotspot, Collingwood is nestled right between the pristine waters of Georgian Bay and the rolling hills of Blue Mountain, showcasing one of the most spectacular landscapes Ontario has to offer. But what is it about the charming town that makes it so popular for those seeking the perfect place to settle down and enjoy their retirement? 

As Collingwood grows in popularity, the city has risen up to meet the needs of its increasingly sophisticated population. With high-quality amenities, high-class experiences, and a breathtaking natural setting, Collingwood is calling you home.

The Natural Connection

Experiencing the beauty of the natural world is a critical part of a healthy, active lifestyle, and Collingwood is one of the best places to experience it with the unique landscape of the shores of Georgian Bay. 

Whether it’s sitting on a bench in Millennium Park and watching the boats come and go from the harbour, exploring the hundreds of miles of trails winding through the countryside, taking in the views from the top of Blue Mountain, or playing a round of golf at OslerBrook Golf and Country Club, your surroundings are always overflowing with fresh air and natural beauty. And retirement means you have all the time in the world to stop and smell the roses.

Collingwood Culture

An image of collingwood trails during autumn, showing the range of orange and red leaves.For the days you don’t feel like climbing a mountain, Collingwood is home to a vibrant local culture that revolves around a rich arts scene, historic charm, and a warmly welcoming community. All summer long, the local Farmers’ Market offers fresh local produce and an amazing array of farm-to-table products for sustainable clean eating, which you can also enjoy through the various local wineries and breweries that the region is famous for. 

When it comes to events and festivals, no place does it quite like Collingwood. Due to its renown as a tourist town, all year round people flock to Collingwood to take part in an endless array of street markets, live music, and celebrations of all sorts.

The High Life

For a place that’s packed with small-town charm and natural beauty, upscale opportunities are surprisingly plentiful in Collingwood – and you’ll find that it’s not called “Toronto North” for nothing! Dags and Willow Fine Cheese & Gourmet offers some of the best gourmet grocery products in the region, with Blue Ridge Meats coming close behind, perfect for some high-class entertaining or even just a little at-home indulgence. 

Hurontario Street is packed with trendy restaurants, bars, and cafes, including some local favourites like Gibson & Company Wine Bar for some upscale experiences, and Mad Dog’s Vinyl Cafe for a taste of the 80’s. Paired with live entertainment at The Historic Gayety Theatre, Collingwood Music Festival, or Simcoe Street Theatre, a night out in Downtown Collingwood is on par with the vibrant city living retirees don’t want to lose.

An image of collingwood city with brightly coloured buildings.

Comfort and Convenience

Of course, not everything has to be all about excitement and adventure. A well-established town with all the comforts that come with city living, Collingwood boasts a great transit system and a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes, and services. Whether you’re catching up with a friend over coffee at the Espresso Post, stopping to pick up the essentials at one of the many big-name grocery chains like Loblaws or FreshCo, or looking for a new physician, there are plenty of options close to home.

Blue is Everything

Like the old saying goes: as above, so below. In Collingwood, the blue, Blue Mountain is always on the horizon, while the blue, blue waves of Georgian Bay stretch out before you. Blue Mountain Village is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the region, but it’s also an incredible place for locals to enjoy all year round. With unique boutiques, trendy restaurants, and the charm of chalet-inspired village architecture, it’s an amazing place to attend events, catch some live music, or try one of their amazing adventure activities. And from the top of the Mountain Lookouts, the views of the Bay are breathtaking. If you’re lucky, you might even see your house from there!

From the unique culture and unparalleled opportunities to the spectacular landscape and natural connections, Collingwood is truly one of the most desirable places to enjoy life at your own pace. And in a town so filled with charming architecture, you’re sure to find the perfect place to call home.

An image of collingwood beach at sunset.