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Biophilic Design – Nature, Wellness, and the Healthier Home

Oct 2021 | By Jo-Ann Capelaci

A Healthier Home and Biophilic Design

In the design world, when we talk about wellness today, you are sure to hear the term biophilic design. What is biophilic design and why is it important? Biophilic design is connecting with nature for improved health. It is important that we think about how we can implement some of the principals into where we live and work to improve our general health and well-being.

Some ways we can implement biophilic design in our homes are:

Improve on air quality, toxin levels and ventilation

Air quality and ventilation are ways to implement biophilic design. Fresh air and daylight have immediate mood-boosting effects.  A home that is designed to allow for cross-breezes and easy access to the outdoors increases the air-quality which in turn boosts physical and emotional well-being.

Look to upgrade items in your home that increase ventilation, circulation and filtration for improved health. Introduce plants into the décor to add both visual interest and the health benefits of cleaner air in your home.  Did you know that plants act as a natural air purifier?

Thermal comfort levels

Designing for thermal comfort can make you feel more comfortable. Most of us look to the thermostat to control temperature to determine whether we are too hot or cold. The thermostat is not often an accurate measure due to other factors such as heat loss through windows. When the weather is cold and windy you may have a different comfort level than when the sun is beaming in the windows.

Designing an efficient home with things like triple-pane windows, in floor heating, increasing basement slab insulation, and heating and cooling systems sized correctly for the space, improve the comfort level in homes. You may want to consider adding heated flooring in your primary bathroom retreat for example, for added comfort.

Visual connection with nature

It is important that we feel connected to nature every day. When we do, studies have proven it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and creates a general mood of calm. Some ways we can achieve connection is with plants, garden views, a crackling fire or a water feature.

Think of how you can bring nature into your home. Humans are instinctively drawn to nature. Adding plants to a home brings us closer to nature and its healing properties.  Fresh flowers and living plants have been shown lower blood pressure and improve one’s mood. This dining room with its abundance of light and plants has views of an outdoor fountain that can also be enjoyed in the evening because of added landscape lighting.