Need help navigating Zoom? Having trouble using your new smartphone? Want to learn how to keep yourself safe while navigating the Internet? At UpTOSpeed, we provide instant tutorials, timely 1-on-1 personalized technical support, and educational lessons (1-on-1 and group) that help address all your urgent technology issues and learn how to use common online platforms in a matter of minutes. All our services are available through our telephone support line or website, making it accessible to anyone, no matter their digital literacy level. We are the premium service affiliate of TechServe (formerly TechServeTO), a national nonprofit that has helped over 11,000 seniors use technology to stay connected with loved ones during the pandemic.

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  • 1 hour total of any combination of UpTOSpeed Instant Support & 1-on-1 educational lessons
  • Unlimited non-urgent TechServe Support (24–72-hour response time)
  • Unlimited video & written tutorial access
  • 1 group educational lesson

Want to learn more? Contact us at 1-888-418-4771 or admin@uptospeedyou.com.


About UpTOSpeed

UpTOSpeed is a platform that provides universal technical support and education tailored for older adults. At UpTOSpeed, we work to address the digital divide by providing instant video & written tutorials, timely telephone and video technical support sessions as well as appointment-based 1 on 1 and group educational lessons that are easily accessible via our telephone support line and website. We are the premium service affiliate of TechServe (formerly TechServeTO), a national older adult digital literacy non-profit that has helped over 11,000 older adults, built a team of over 250 volunteers, and was featured on numerous national and local media sources, most notably the Globe and Mail, Global News National, and the Toronto Star.

Requesting technical support from UpTOSpeed works similarly to requesting an Uber Driver. Once a client sends in a support request, the request is sent out to a sea of independent contractors (our ‘UpTOSpeed Tech Experts’). Whichever contractor indicates they can help the client first gets the case. This system allows the client to receive very timely support (within 15 minutes).

Currently, we provide our services to organizations in the retirement, pension & employee benefits, insurance, and healthcare space, who have large older adult populations in need of readily available, highly responsive technical support and education resources. In the long run, we will incorporate the data we collect regarding older adult online-platform interaction to inform businesses on how they can improve the inclusiveness of their online platforms, as well as effectively target older adults for increased platform engagement. In this way, UpTOSpeed not only improves the ability of older adults to utilize current technology, but also help large corporations keep the needs of older adults in mind when developing future technology.

At UpTOSpeed, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to improve their lives using technology, no matter their age!

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